vPromotions Reinvented - Hub promotions, events, contests, liners and more

Promotions, events, contests, and liners are simple to execute with vPromotions remote workflow tools

Centralize sales, programming, on-air talent, and virtually every position needed throughout the entire promotion, from initial creation or request, through sales, execution, fulfillment, and proof of performance.

  • Corporate contesting means bigger prize opportunities and shared winner info / audio across all markets instantly
  • Operational flexibility helps teams operate from any location, including home
  • Built-in task management to better leverage digital, social media, and more
  • Multi-market functionality connects promotions directors, program directors, sales managers or anyone across markets
  • Remote prize release forms gather and store electronic winner signatures and all other prize documents automatically
  • Sponsorship tracking allows sales to see what is available to sell on any station to which they have access
  • Calendar view provides one simple dashboard for accessing all promotions and related information for each one



vPromotions Hubbing and Corporate Promotion Solutions

With vPromotions, there is no limit to the scale or configuration of events and promotions. Users can access as many markets as needed, which gives you unlimited flexibility for centralized or consolidated oversight, day-today promotions management, sponsorship sales, and execution of promotions, either from the corporate level or in smaller, regional or multi-market hubs.

Promotion hubs and other flexible operating models allow groups to:

  • Leverage larger reach to secure more substantial prizes 
  • Increase listening and online exposure
  • Grow revenue through national / local sponsorship sales 
  • Scale to run regional or multi-market promos and events

If you can imagine it, vPromotions can do it. Here’s one example of how it works:

vPromotions hubbing example

vPromotions Supports:

National Contesting and Live Copy • Nationwide Call Centers • Local and National Sponsorship Sales
Text-to-win Contest and Corporate Prize Fulfillment • National and Regional Promotion Requests
Online Sweepstakes • Sales Proposals • Tracking of Local Mentions in Support of National Promotions


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