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vProMedia project collaboration software introduced a new level of workflow efficiency for WTVA. In the midst of a project hiccup that previously would’ve caused several hours of setback, vProMedia helped WTVA pick back up seamlessly and stay on track by keeping the team’s progress intact and easily accessible. Every minute matters in scenarios like this, and vProMedia rescued their team from having to start over, preserving valuable time and resources.

vProMedia serves as a hub, a central source of everything. It gave us the ability to replace complicated workarounds like managing production requests through spreadsheets and emails.”

Josh Ward
Creative Services Director
WTVA, Allen Media

The Problem

Before implementing vProMedia, it was challenging for Josh and his team to manage media projects efficiently. They navigated the cumbersome process of using too many spreadsheets and other disconnected systems to handle requests, which was not only time-consuming but also prone to confusion. Furthermore, as Creative Services Director, Josh faced the additional hurdle of maintaining project continuity when team or project changes occurred, leading to production disruptions that blocked their workflow.

The absence of a centralized platform resulted in files being scattered which made collaboration difficult and workflow bottlenecks a regular occurrence, illustrating the need for a more streamlined, organized, and efficient approach to media project management to address:

  • Disorganized spreadsheets and emails for project requests

  • Confusion and disruptions caused by last-minute changes

  • Redoing similar orders or starting projects from scratch

The Solution

vProMedia simplified WTVA's workflow by replacing disconnected processes with a centralized hub. Moving forward, it will ensure seamless transitions during team changes, aid in adapting to last-minute alterations, and streamline revision processes, saving hours of valuable time and making project management less chaotic with: 

  • Quick revisions help you adapt on the fly to keep projects on schedule

  • Automated notifications keep your team informed effortlessly
  • One central platform consolidates project-related communication

Client Bio:

WTVA • Allen Media Group

Josh Ward
Creative Services Director

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Campaigns Managed:

Production house and studio projects: local commercial spots, long-form video (including website intros and corporate videos), digital graphics (such as banners and streaming content), still photography, drone footage, and audio editing, among other services